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2017 Chicago Studio Awards Show Teaser

We rocked out in 2017!  And with just a week left, the Chicago Studio is busily preparing for the 2017 Awards Show.  

 Man playing guitar, two women singing and dancing on stage with lights in the background

We are looking forward to some new additions this year:

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October Artist of the Month: Alex Scott

In October, curatorial committee member, Kris Schenkel, selected for the honor of Artist of the Month his fellow artist, Alex Scott.  Alex has been a lifelong artist and maker.  Many of his pieces draw on imagery from his childhood.

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Jack O'Sullivan; North Shore Artist of the Month

At first glance, Jack’s choice of subjects appears arbitrary. However, after conversing with him it is apparent that he has a strong personal connection to the work he is making. “I think­ about what I want. What I think I like” is how he describes his process. When Jack is painting, he looks like he is on a journey.

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Don't Tread on the Meatballs; A Summary of Recent North Shore Field Trips

Over the past few months, The Arts of Life North Shore Studio has gone on many field trips around the city. Below are some of the highlights. 


We visited Chicago artist Tim Lowly while he was working on a large painting in Carlson Gallery of North Park University

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North Shore Spotlight Volunteer: Laura Fox

Each volunteer joins our studio motivated by internal factors. Some come, looking to share their passion for community building and social justice while others wish to explore creative endeavors and enhancing their art practice. Lucky for us, we are blessed with a few multifaceted volunteers like Laura Fox. Laura came to the North Shore studio in May 2017. Every Wednesday, she brings a caring light and gentle tone while simultaneously leading the artists with her unique eye for design. Laura joined us on a trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art and engages weekly as an artist mentor.

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Kris Schenkel: Chicago's Artist of the Month for September

For September, the curatorial committee selected fellow member, Kris Schenkel, to receive the honored spot of Artist of the Month.  Having worked at Arts of Life since 2009, Kris has really hit his stride within the past few years.

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Artwork at Bridgeport Coffeehouse Beverly

Bridgeport Coffeehouse in Beverly is currently showcasing the work of Guy​ ​Conners​ and Kelly​ ​Stone, two artists from the Chicago Arts of Life studio. 

Guy helped install the work at the coffeeshop a few weeks ago, choosing which piece would be hung in each location. 

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CHI Volunteer Spotlight: Megan Capps

A member of the Chicago Studio since January, Megan Capps is by far one of our most patient, kind, and daring volunteers.  “I learned about The Arts of Life from Vincent a few years ago,” she said.

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North Shore Volunteer Spotlight: Anastasia Sitnikova

Each year as the school year ends and summer begins the North Shore is gifted a seasonal group of dedicated and lively summer volunteers. Anastasia Sitnikova, brought her extensive art knowledge and thoughtful attitude to the North Shore for a short but sweet time.

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