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#100 Days of Resistance

#100 Days of Resistance

Many members our collective have expressed concern about the current political climate.  We are alarmed by a lack of concern for the wellbeing of all citizens, not just those who belong to specific groups.  We are confused by proposed policies which aim to reduce and restrict the expressions of freedom and choice.  We are saddened by the rollback of the welcoming spirit that characterizes our country.

Along with many others across the US, we have responded to a growing sense of fear and uncertainty, cultivated by the new administration, with resistance.  During its first 100 Days, we choose to model a different way.  We choose to build community within our studio, and within our city.  We celebrate our diversity and do our best to support each other.  We were doing these things before January 20, and will continue far into the future, regardless of the current administration's politics.

As engaged self-advocates, Arts of Life artists care deeply about a variety of local and national issues.  But above all, they prioritized respect and kindness. Here's more about what they had to say about their priorities for the administration's first 100 Days:


"We are here and we will stand up for our rights.  We want people to hear what we have to say."



"Be respectful of everyone and their differences."



"We can all work on treating each other with respect and kindness."



"Women want to be treated with respect.  People should ask us before touching."



"Self-advocates need to be more active and involved in decisionmaking in Washington and state governments.  We have a lot to bring to the table."



"We need to talk it out and keep trying to make the work better for people to live in."


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