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North Shore Meet an Artist: Laura McManus

North Shore Meet an Artist: Laura McManus

Laura McManus is one talented lady. She constantly challenges us to see the world differently through her approach to art making and the relationships she has with the studio community. Each piece she creates is a product of great patience and dedication. Layer after layer is methodically applied and often stripped away, only to be replaced by something new. Similar to her art making, Laura gradually builds relationships with members of The Arts of Life studio by breaking down barriers in communication and letting her personality do the talking.Laura's in-process piece

Using a variety of media, Laura covers each surface with bright, layered colors resulting in an emphasis on texture and movement. The best way to learn about Laura and her process is to see her in action. Click here to watch her video artist statement.

 Laura's desk

Not afraid to try something new, Laura decided to experiement with photography. Above is a photo Laura took of her workspace at the studio. To see more images taken by Laura follow this link to view her series titled "Camera." 

 Laura McManus and Rebecca

Although a focused art maker, Laura still finds time to visit with friends at the studio and join community activities. As result of her expressive and playful nature, it is no surprise that Laura has a vast circle of family and friends that support her.  

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