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North Shore Meet an Artist: Our New Year's Resolutions

North Shore Meet an Artist: Our New Year's Resolutions

Pouya Bagherian

“Exercising. Hip Hop group with Vanessa on Monday. Like do new body moves. Good one!”

-Pouya Bagherian

Laura Greenberg

Laura Greenberg expressed to facilitator Vanessa De Leon that she wanted to eat healthier and make more choices related to the food she eats.

 Russell Copenharve

 “I wanna learn two things, learn more about Alice in Wonderland [for drama] and make good paintings. And do the best paintings I can to be proud of myself. And one more thing, learn about Hip Hop. And one more thing, work on being a better singer in music.”

-Russell Copenharve


 “I want to work on blending watercolors and use a couple images in my artwork.”

-Chris Viau

Amanda Gantner

 “I want to draw better. I want to use my hands better. And I want to get a new wheelchair.”

-Amanda Gantner

Becky Kubica

“I want to lose weight. Maybe do more Hip Hop. Drink water. Don’t eat to much. Eat good food, like vegetables and peach with dinner.”

-Becky Kubica

Cole Fox

Cole Fox expressed to facilitator Megan Cox that he would like to add more to his blog, where he provides reviews of disability-friendly restaurants and entertainment venues, write more about places he’s explored and maybe ask friends for reviews about places they’ve visited.

Ed Rawski

 “Do some drama this year. Prepare for exhibitions by making paintings to get framed for the gallery.”

 -Ed Rawski

Phil Gazzolo

“Learn different projects like printmaking. Do more drawings. It’s fun.”

-Phil Gazzolo

Quinn Zenner

 “Take classes at Piven Theater in Evanston. Maybe improv or drama.”

-Quinn Zenner

Rebecca Turner

“Printmaking! With stampers. Some red and yellow and blue.”

-Rebecca Turner


Shown in photo at top: 

“Lose weight. Do more walking and exercise.”

-Nikole Heusman


 Shown in photo at top: 

Montell Payne expressed to facilitator Lyndsey Rice that this year he would like to lose weight, help other people and take a trip.

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