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North Shore Visits National Museum of Mexican Art

North Shore Visits National Museum of Mexican Art

At the end of May, the North Shore Studio took a trip to the National Museum of Mexican Art located in the Chicago neighborhood of Pilsen. Here are some pictures and reflections by the artists of the trip.


"It was awesome because I liked it. It was really cool and I want to go again" - Rebecca


"I love it. Very cool masks. I like it" - Danny


"I had a good time. I liked the artwork, the paintings." - Marcelo


"It was good. Lots of pictures. I liked the story that was told." - Ed


"It is good. I love the beautiful princess. The young woman. I remember too, long time ago when she died. She never woke up. She's dead. She became a mountain. The bride, it is beautiful." - Raina, recounting a Mexican folk story we were told.