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North Shore's Year in Review: 2015 Highlights

North Shore's Year in Review: 2015 Highlights

We have undergone many changes and accomplished many projects at the North Shore studio. Here is a list highlighting some of our favorite times of the year.

1. Hiring two new staff members:


We hired Courtney Mackedanz and Rick Sindt as Volunteer Coordinators and Studio Coordinators at the beginning of March. Courtney now works as the Volunteer Coordinator at the Chicago Studio and Rick is serving as the Studio Coordinator at the North Shore studio. 

2. VanGoGo released their debut album:


VanGoGo took this entire year by storm. They started off with a fundraising campaign to support the creation of their first album in the spring. Then, they hammered out their recording at Experimental Sound Studios over the summer. Finally, the finished the year off with a Coffee Shop Invasion Tour throughout the North Shore and an CD Release party at Comfort Station–a multi-disciplinary art space in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. The band consistently drew enormous crowds, filling every venue they played at to the brim.

3. More solo exhibitions than ever before:

 Portrait of Amanda

This year we were elated to have more solo exhibitions in the community than we have ever had in the past. Artists such as Rebecca Kubica, Sean Kremer, Amanda Ganter, Russell Copenharve, and Quinn Zenner were able to exhibit their work at venues like The Raven Theatre, Linz and Vail, and The Rock House (Glenview). 

4. Rust-Oleum helped us paint our studio:


Towards the end of the summer we were able to paint our studio thanks to the efforts of our friend Noor at Rust-Oleum. Because of Noor Rust-Oleum donated all the paint that we needed to use and two days worth of volunteer service to help us accomplish the project. This would not have been an option without them and the studio community is indescribably happy that our walls are no longer a boring beige color. 

5. We welcomed new artists into our community this year:


Marcelo Ańón and Andrew Sautel joined our studio about mid-summer. They are both voracious artmakers who make our studio better with their bulldozing work ethic. Everyday is a new adventure and we love having them in our community. 

6. We had the most amazing interns and volunteers this summer:


There isn't much else to say. Enormous thank yous go out to: Elaine Cha, Chelsea Yang, Sean Chapman, Matthew Shipley, Rita Hirami, Diana Kim, Izzy Hall, Cindy Shanker, Leah Gaynor, Lindsey Reiff, and everyone else who was a part of our studio over the summer months. Everyone consistently brought their best and left the staff in awe.

7. One of our artist was in a book:

North Shore artist David Jonatis also works in the community and inspired one of the characters in the recently published book "Old Heart" by Peter Ferry. 

8. We hired Kelly Wood!

When Courtney Mackedanz transitioned over to the Chicago Studio, we hired Kelly Wood who now works as our Volunteer Coordinator.

9. Whole Foods sponsored us:

Arts of Life Whole Foods Community Support Day

Whole Food Northbrook selected us for their Community Support Day and raised $4269.76 for the studio by giving us 5% of their profits for one day!

10. We piloted our Teaching Artist in Residency Program at Oakton College:


Using curriculum developed by North Shore Arts Coordinator John Sharp, Ted Gram-Boarini and Russell Copenharve co-taught two studio classes each week alongside John to people from NSSED and Our Place at Oakton Community College. 


Overall, 2015 was a year of many changes and new things at the North Shore studio and we are all looking forward to whatever it is that 2016 has in store for us.

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