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Rick Sindt's blog

This is Halloween!

This Halloween the Arts of Life and Center for Enriched Living got together to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with costumes, karaoke, and a viewing of "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Here are some of the highlights: 

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Don't Tread on the Meatballs; A Summary of Recent North Shore Field Trips

Over the past few months, The Arts of Life North Shore Studio has gone on many field trips around the city. Below are some of the highlights. 


We visited Chicago artist Tim Lowly while he was working on a large painting in Carlson Gallery of North Park University

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The Inserted Protagonist; North Shore Artist Spotlight of Rebecca Kubica

Rebecca Kubica is a diligent and imaginative artist who uses her art to forge deeper connections to stories that are meaningful to her. These stories are largely told through film because of this it is impossible to be fully immersed in something contain on a screen. Becky wants to fully participate in these stories, to forge alliances and friendships with the protagonist and so she uses her art-making practice as a way to build these connections. 

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North Shore Visits National Museum of Mexican Art

At the end of May, the North Shore Studio took a trip to the National Museum of Mexican Art located in the Chicago neighborhood of Pilsen. Here are some pictures and reflections by the artists of the trip.


"It was awesome because I liked it. It was really cool and I want to go again" - Rebecca

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Meet North Shore Artist Daniel Frownfelter

            Each day at the studio, Daniel Frownfelter arrives before other artists and immediately gets to work. After greeting the staff who are already here, Frownfelter puts his lunch in the refrigerator, sets his things down next to his chair, and starts doing the work. From there, his creativity rarely stops. At lunch, Dan can be found working on a coloring book. In meetings, he is filling a sketchbook.

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Meet a North Shore Artist: Oly Trindl

            Oly Trindl joined out studio in mid-March. Armed with charisma and congeniality she is integrating easily into our community. Oly is someone who appears to perpetually be in a good mood, meeting difficult situations with humor and grace.

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North Shore Studio Visits the Art Institute of Chicago

Thanks to the Art Institute hosting free days for Illinois residents, the North Shore studio was able to take a field trip on Monday February 13th. It is rare that we are able to see such great works of art in person and our excursion was an amazing time for all who attended. Explore some of the highlights of our trip in the gallery below!

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Archivist of Her World: Meet North Shore Artist Renata Berdes

The impulse to paint comes neither from observation nor from the soul (which is probably blind) but from an encounter: the encounter between painter and model: even if the model is a mountain or a shelf of empty medicine bottles.” 

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