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Performing Art

Performance at The Arts of Life is a project-by-project collaboration between artists at The Arts of Life and Chicago-based performance makers.

Each project encourages an exploration of performance techniques, movement practices, voice work and collaboration. Since forming in the Summer of 2009, the performance group has created a Western themed movement piece, a large scale puppet show, a variety of skits based on classic and modern stories and is currently working on a Game Show called Art or No Art.

To find out more about Performance at The Arts of Life please contact Emily at or 231-884-4630

Performing Art Blog

Meet Nikole Heusman

     Nikole Heusman is a veteran artist at the North Shore Arts of Life studio. Nicole, or Niki as her friends call her, enjoys working with a variety of different mediums. Watercolor is her favorite, but she also works with charcoal, chalk pastel, and oil pastel, and acrylic.

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What is evil?

We're at it again! Dave's Friday Philosophy returns with a touch of evil! Mwahahaha!

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Dave's Friday Philosophy

Every week I ask Dave a question, he answers it, and together we create a video documentation. Sometimes the questions are related to a conversation that Dave and I are having. Often, they are the same questions that I have been asking myself and typically resulting in me overthinking the subject into a confusion.

Dave's answers cut right to the heart of the issue. His words are always unexpected, creative, complicated, and perplexing. Working with Dave is one of the highlights of my week.

We hope you enjoy Dave's Friday Philosophy!

Inside Glenview Features The Arts of Life

Who's on the cover? We are. Inside Glenview featured The Arts of Life in their March 2013 issue. The article gives some great insight and perspective of the The Arts of Life, our core values, and our focus on community. John Sharp and the North Shore Studio's 2013 artist of the year, Nikole Heusman, are on the cover. You can check out the issue online here:
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