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Artist Location: Chicago Studio


Marcus Imani Kennedy

Born in Evanston in 1991, Marcus now lives in Chicago. An avid fan of a wide range of music (especially Brazilian jazz, Reggae, Al Jarreau, Steely Dan, and Anita Baker), he always listens to favorite radio stations while working in the studio. “I come up with my own beautiful style. I get inspired by other …

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Noah Wieder

When Noah first joined the studio, he brought with him strong creative sensibilities and an independently developed commitment to visual art. Over the past few years, Noah has produced an extensive and dynamic body of work reflecting an avid interest in distinct categories of subject matter – corporate logos, imagery appropriated from advertisements or illustrations, …

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Pablo Alonzo

Pablo is no longer at Arts of Life It makes me feel proud to make art. I like to make art because it’s beautiful. Making art is like coming alive. Doing this makes me feel wonderful, positive, and happy. I just like art a lot! The ink is the most important part. I draw the …

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Daniel Brendel

Daniel is no longer at Arts of Life Art is a fun thing to do. It makes me feel comfortable. I like to do the Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, presidents, dinosaurs, animals, Power Rangers & entertainers like Michael Jackson. I also paint NFL football players, baseball players, & NBA basketball players too. These …

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Guy Conners

Guy was born in 1990 in Tokyo, Japan and moved to Chicago as a child. Outside of his work as a painter, Guy is an avid runner.  He takes breaks from his practice to participate in several marathons each year in cities across the US. Guy has an incredible talent for photorealism and is gifted …

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Veronica Cuculich

Veronica “Ronnie” Cuculich was born April 4, 1930 in Chicago, Illinois. She grew up in Dixon, Illinois with two sisters, her mother, and father.  As a young woman, Ronnie attended Dixon State School. After living in state-operated institutions for many years, Ronnie finally got to live in the community with her friends.  She worked in …

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Lee Draus

About Art makes me feel more relaxed and it brings out my creativity. I can bring out my true self. I am very blessed to have this talent and I want to nurture it. I never knew I would be a good artist until recently. I draw abstract subjects, and nature, and holy scenes. Whatever …

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Stefan Harhaj

As an artist who is very process oriented, Steve enjoys painting layers of color and creating patterns using motifs such as flowers, leaves, and boats. Through repetition, Stefan has developed his own aesthetic language, making each one of his subjects into his own signature. “I’m not rushing, I’m just sitting here taking my time trying …

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