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Artist Location: Chicago Studio


Nikki Heusman

b.1969 Nikki Huesman’s art practice is defined by her distinct artistic style and adeptness across mediums. Her portraiture is marked by subtle line work and shading on figures that are offset by backgrounds that pulsate with energetic color patterns. “I like doing people because I find them very interesting. I always wondered how they would …

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Carolyn Kelley

b. 1983 Over the years Carrie has built a portfolio of work that spans many emotions, feelings and sensory experiences. “Sometimes, I can make art. Sometimes, I like acrylic paint. Sometimes, watercolors. Lime paper. Brown bear is brown sugar. White cat stuffed animal.” Kelley’s work can be viewed as a window into her personal experiences, …

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Alysha Kostelny

When I make artwork, I’m in my own space, there’s not anybody here. I’m in my own zone. I’m relaxed and calm. Whether it is painting or drawing or making sketches, I’m in such a good mood when I leave the studio. I have all this positive energy when I’m here and when I leave …

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David Krueger

b. 1962 David Krueger approaches everything in his life with boundless energy and enthusiasm. This is evident in his artwork- each piece full of bright colors, graphic shapes and geometric patterns. “To me, art makes me really happy about myself, it gives me a lift. It makes me feel happy to experience the different colors …

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Walter Lazard

Walter is no longer at Arts of Life I’m Walter. I’m a nice guy and I’m a good friend to have. I come here with my two roommates and we help each other out. I’m learning how to make new friends and get to know new people. Everybody wants to be my friend, so maybe …

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Bill Lilly

b. 1972 A self-proclaimed “metal-head,” Lilly’s work is very much inspired by the music he listens to. “I’m a metalhead and that’s what my art is about. I draw tornadoes, lightning, skulls… anything rock and roll!” Skulls, flames, tornadoes, cyborgs and a multitude of other subjects of impending doom are common symbols in Lilly’s work. …

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Lawrence M.

b. 1994 Lawrence joined Arts of Life to begin developing his studio practice. Working primarily in drawing, painting, and collage, he engages with a process and aesthetic reflecting his everyday interests – gathering imagery of animals, watching cartoons, and a spontaneous layering of diverse materials and ideas. Lawrence also enjoys traveling with his family, spending …

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Shannon Mallers

I used to draw in preschool and kindergarten and I loved it. I like to do art because it’s fun. Art makes me happy. I’m good at painting. I put paint on, smooth it out, then take it off. I like to paint hands, animals, suns, I paint myself. Because it’s fun! My house, holiday …

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Mike Marino

After nine years of developing his creative practice and building community, Mike Marino passed away unexpectedly in April 2018. Mike was committed to caring for the studio each day.  He read rotations and ensured that everyone stayed involved.  He worked to ensure that the artists who use our studio are active in decision-making about it.  …

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Kathleen McDonald

Art makes me feel happy. I think I am happy today. I like to paint shapes and landscapes, not people. I make circles with stamps. Circles for Ronnie. Squares are easy to color in and I like the shape. It helps me concentrate. I do like to do my artwork, I do! I like to …

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