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Artist Location: Chicago Studio


Kathleen McDonald

Art makes me feel happy. I think I am happy today. I like to paint shapes and landscapes, not people. I make circles with stamps. Circles for Ronnie. Squares are easy to color in and I like the shape. It helps me concentrate. I do like to do my artwork, I do! I like to …

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Victoria Mondala

I am an artist and I’m learning drawing and painting! I like art because it is pretty. I draw houses, butterflies and people. Sometimes I draw people that I know, I tell stories about them. Liz taught me how to make a comic book, I’d like to make more of those. My comics tell stories …

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Christianne Msall

Born in 1969, Christianne Msall has always been a strong self-advocate, dedicated to her personal and professional development.  Her work is a colorful mixture of spontaneous shapes and symbols, inspired by her faith, family and community. Msall’s preferred medium is colored pencils.  She uses an array of colors to lay out patterns and imagery in …

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Susan Pasowicz

Born in Chicago in 1955, Sue is a dreamer and visionary. Fascinated by color, shapes, and organic forms Pasowicz uses colored pencil to create whimsical compositions that reflect her dream-like state.  Looking at the everyday, her work incorporates hints of her surroundings which become tangled in the web of forms created by wispy, worm-like marks …

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Tony Perez

Antonio “Tony” Perez Jr. was born in 1991 in Berwyn, IL. Tony’s preferred art-making materials are markers, oil pastels, and watercolors. “Everybody works together. I draw my house, clouds, and stained glass windows.” With imagery including flowers, shapes, houses, and people, Tony’s art is a vibrant representation of his experience of the world.  “Markers, oil …

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Hubert Posey

As a non-verbal artist, Hubert utilizes his art-making process as a tool for connection and communication with others. With the help of support staff and volunteers, Hubert builds multidimensional sculptures, amassing an array of materials collected from around the studio. His additive method of layering creates finished objects that are otherworldly. He can often be …

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Elisha Preston

Born in 1979, Elisha’s artwork functions as a true extension of his vibrant and cheerful personality. Exuberant line work and bright colors yield a sense of movement and humor. “Art makes me feel happy! I am a happy guy, Elisha! I like to draw lines, and colors. Bright colors. Lots of different colors like a …

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Frances Roberts

Frances was born in 1948 in Chicago and spent time in New Orleans, Louisiana throughout her childhood. Before coming to the Arts of Life she worked at a bank. Frances has previously worked collaboratively with Allison Wade, a Chicago community artist. She has also collaborated with outside organizations through the 20 Neighborhoods Project, including WomanMade …

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Linda Ruzga

Linda was born in 1953, and has maintained a strong connection to her family throughout her life.  After having worked at Arts of Life for 16 years, Linda moved to Minnesota in December of 2018 to be closer to her family. While working at Arts of Life she developed a rich practice as a mixed …

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Kris Schenkel

The Arts of Life is like a new family. They give me the opportunity to expand my artwork. Art makes me feel good because your mind is free from other things. Your mind is focused. It keeps me out of trouble. I like to share my artwork with other coworkers and get ideas from them …

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