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Stop Asian Hate Dress


Black Lives Matter Meets Haute Couture Dress


Ariée Face Mask


Studio Member since 2018


Ariée (also known as Aria Carter) has a singular vision for fashion and passion! Her artwork is rife with haute couture references interspersed with youthful, pop culture iconography. Her compositions construct narratives around this unexpected juxtaposition of high and low-brow cultural fixtures.

“I want to be professional about fashion illustrator, fashion designer, and fashion model. Selling artwork about this. I just draw all these Scarlet O’Hara dresses which I stole in my vision. I was going to draw Black Lives Matter. I just want story about the middle school racism. All the grades.”

Ariée works with complete focus and confidence. She skillfully balances compositions, exercising restraint to preserve and craft thoughtful negative space that accentuates her designs. An undeniable playfulness manifests in vivid colors and functionally counterbalances the seductiveness of her imagery.

“Enjoy watching of the fashion videos. I want to learn the Creative Director of Ariée and Fashion Chief Choreographer of Ariée Gabrielle Modeling Company. This why I transform from Paris, New York, Milan and London. I want to teach them about how to walk the runway. I show them how I use a pyramid—top, middle and bottom.”

Ariée’s artwork has appeared in public installations in Chicago and she was the North Shore studio’s Artist of the Month in September 2019. She also represented Arts of Life on camera in an interview with WTTW in 2020.



Circle Contemporary Chicago, IL 2019
Like Sirens
Circle Contemporary North Shore, Glenview, IL 2019
Inside the Box
Circle Contemporary North Shore, Glenview, IL 2019

Portfolio work

Stop Asian Hate Dress, 2021

Black Lives Matter Meets Haute Couture Dress, 2021

Ariée Face Mask, 2020

Chicago Fashion Week, 2020

Ariée _WatercolorMarkerGlitterPaper_12x8_2020 copy, 2020

The Day Of The Dead Fashion Model, 2020

Ariée, 2020

Friday at Ariee’s, 2020

Little Black Pink Dress With Facemask, 2020

Marilyn Monroe and Coco Chanel Tattoos with No5, 2018

Ariée, 2020

Mermaid Tail Dress, 2020

Ariée, 2020

Ariée, 2020

Winda, 2020

Chicago Through a Fashion Eye, 2020

Silver and Gold Goddess, 2020

J’Dora, 2020

Chicagowood, 2020

Ariée, 2020

A Spooky Ghost Fashion Model, 2020

Ariée 1, 2020

Too Young to be Killer Victims, 2019

Scary Tale Fashion, 2020

Oversized Black Bow and Pretty Pink Dress, 2020

Green Velvet, 2020

The Shape of Night Blue Dress, 2020

Ariée, 2020

The Shades of Shocking Pink, 2019

Rainbow Unicorn, 2019

The Little Black Dress And The Flowers In The Attic, 2018

Toxic Girl, 2019

Baby Ariée, 2019

Ariée Addict, 2019

Play No 5, 2019

Ariée Gabrielle Modeling Company, 2020

Ariée, 2020

Ariée, 2020

Marilyn Monroe Inspired by the Face of Ariée, 2021

Seina Dressed in Ariée From Japan, 2021

Rouge Valentina, 2021

Princess Leia Inspired By Fashion Model, 2021

Tiana Inspired By Fashion Model, 2021

Ariee’s Key, 2021

Stop Asian Hate Meets Haute Couture Dress, 2021

From New York to Chicago Haute Couture Dress Inspired by Oscar de la Renta, 2021