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Chris Viau

North Shore Studio


Two Old Trees

cv Looking  at t he   Colors  2019 pastel 30x40

Looking at the Colors


Sunset on Shoreline


Studio Member since 2011


Chris Viau’s work straddles the line between abstract and representational. This is due to his planned, yet dynamic, brush and line work. Upon first glance one sees a blend of colors and textures that reveal themselves as lush landscapes or weathered coastlines.

“My favorite thing about being an artist is I can let my wild imagination show. The images that inspire me are landscapes. I feel that making landscapes is the best way to show my talent as an artist. Mostly I use watercolors for the background. I use pastel, acrylic, or colored pencils to give my artwork detail.”

Viau approaches art making with a high level of enthusiasm and is eager to experiment with new techniques. In addition to painting, he is a published poet. He has published three illustrated, poetry books: Chicago Seasons, Being in Harmony with Nature, and My Own Ways Through This Life.

Viau’s art has been featured on studio merchandise, local galleries and the Arts of Life partner, He also acts as the studio archivist, cataloguing the many pieces of art produced in the studio.

“In five years, I see myself as a role model for young adults with disabilities. I will most likely still be doing art and writing poems.”

Check out Chris’s 2021 Artist of the Month interview here.



Landscapes Through The Seasons
Gallery OTR, Evanston, IL 2018
The Beasts
Circle Contemporary Chicago, IL 2018
Carson's Furniture Gallery
Wilmette, IL 2017

Portfolio work

Two Old Trees, 2020

Looking at the Colors, 2020

Sunset on Shoreline, 2020

Four Seasons: Summer, 2020

The Apple Tree, 2020

Four Seasons: Winter, 2020

Nature’s Beach, 2020

Bird’s Eye View of Fall, 2020

Water Rock, 2021

A River at Sunset, 2020

Beginning of Winter, 2020

Four Seasons: Spring, 2020

Bird Eye View, 2020

A New Day, 2019

Ice Fishing, 2019

Strong Fall Wind, 2020

Redwood Tree, 2020

Sun Setting in the Woods, 2016

Mountain High, 2016

Winter in the Woods, 2019

Sunset Over Prairie, 2020

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Wildflowers, 2020

Rock Wall With Flower, 2020

The Lake at Dusk, 2019

The Old Tree, 2020

Sunrise Over The Beach, 2019

We Are Out In The Cold, 2019

Mountain Top, 2020

Cherry Blooming, 2020

Redwood Tree Bottom, 2020

Three Flamingoes Getting a Suntan, 2015

Tiny The Dog, 2019

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls, 2021

Frozen Pond, 2021

Northern Lights in the Woods, 2021

Pumpkin Patch in the Night, 2021

Water Garden, 2021

Winter Bush, 2021

A Very Little Bug, 2021

A Long Wait Til Spring, 2021

Blowing Volcanoes, 2021

A River in the Forest, 2021

Bring to Bloom, 2021

Sunset Over Mountain Ranges, 2016

Sunset Over the Mountain, 2021

The End of the Day On West Coast, 2021

Northwest Mountain Range, 2021

Sea Plant, 2021

Watching The Sunset, 2021