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Going Back to College


Transformers Change Into Different Objects


Breaking Down the Wall


Studio Member since 2007

Born in 1962, David Krueger approaches everything in life with boundless enthusiasm and imagination. Heavily inspired by pop culture and storytelling, Krueger’s work is saturated with symbols, vibrant colors, graphic shapes, and detailed patterns. His geometric style is characterized by horizontal bands drawn across the canvas which break up the frame into narrative sections, reminiscent of comic book layouts. Between these lines, he incorporates elaborate decorative elements that include stars, zigzags, squares, crosses, X’s, and radiating lines. 

Krueger’s work was recently featured at Untitled Art Fair in Miami Beach and the Outsider Art Fair in NYC. Previous exhibitions include In Good Company at the Chicago Cultural Center and All Well and Good at Circle Contemporary. He has an ongoing collaborative practice with artist Ben Marcus, creating comics about the character Love Man. Krueger’s practice has been featured in Disparate Minds. He can also be heard on the Arts of Life Band’s 2017 album Kinda Weirdy.

“I make paintings with my own two hands – these are my tools. These are the magic fingers, I’ve got the Midas touch. I get ideas from watching TV or my imagination. My brain tells me everything and I’ll do a sketch. It could be any sketch I choose, then I draw it out on canvas. Everything fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. People like my art, they say ‘Ohhhh Krueger, you’ve got talent!’”




Untitled Art Fair
Miami Beach 2022
Everyday Heroes
Circle Contemporary, Glenview 2022
Outsider Art Far
Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC 2022
Slow Read
Circle Contemporary, Chicago 2019
All Well and Good
Circle Contemporary, Chicago 2019
In Good Company
Chicago Cultural Center 2019
Truer Lives
Circle Contemporary, Chicago 2017

Portfolio work

Going Back to College, 2022

Transformers Change Into Different Objects, 2022

Breaking Down the Wall, 2022

  • acrylic and marker on wood panel
  • 16" x 20"
  • See Details

Spinning Wheel of Destiny, 2022

Word Search, 2022

Going on a Trip, 2022

Jurassic Park 7 in 3D, 2022

Chicken Going Crazy, 2021

  • Sold

Lite Brite It’s So Bright Make the Girls Cry, 2021

Star Trek: The Next Generation, 2021

Halloween Time Machine (It’s Fright Night), 2019

  • Sold

Flowers Are A Girl’s Best Friend, 2021

Going Crazy, Going Looney Tunes, 2021

  • Sold

Cyborg Mary, 2018

Pirates of the Caribbean, 2019

  • Sold

Charlie and His Chocolate Factory, 2019

Return of the Jedi & the Jedi Master, 2019

The Luau, 2019

God Bless America, 2019

  • Sold

Bombs Destroy the Sea Monster, 2013

Superheroes To The Rescue, 2018

Totally Darkness Through the Mountains, 2019

The Bad Guys Escape for Their Life, 2017

The Alien is out of Control Like He’s Going Crazy, 2017

Starring Michael J. Fox as Teen Wolf, 2018

Coming Up Roses, 2018

  • Sold

Dragon Ball, 2013

  • Sold

Finding Nemo and the Gates of Hell, 2013

  • Sold

Fright Night, 2012

  • Sold

Jurassic Park – the Original, 2014

Titanic is the Queen Mary, 2018

  • Sold

The Dinosaurs go Nuts, 2014

The Comics Come to Life, 2017

My Family Marker, 2016

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