Jack O’Sullivan

North Shore


The Sea of White Dragons


Ishiyama Girl


The Great Wall of China


Studio Member since 2014


Jack O’Sullivan carefully plans each work and renders them with equal precision. His ability to memorize and recall visual source imagery results in representational works that are executed with equal parts exactitude and singularity. His realist works are meticulously crafted, but remain fresh due to the fantastical nature of subject matter that traverses a wide range of time in the context of science fiction and foreign locales.

“To memorize and to thinking. Try to see a picture. I have to memorize thinking of possible things. Like a picture of image. Thinking is good. I try to imagine how I am going to draw a picture.”

O’Sullivan works adeptly across mediums and skillfully adapts his approach based on the materials he’s chosen. He works in with intention, fully absorbed in the process. Upon emergence, he revels in the pleasure of seeing the visions in his mind realized on canvas.

“Thinking. It’s the energy. It’s life force energy. It’s a fascinate technology way beyond our own. I remember to see my project of this wonder.”

In June of 2018, O’Sullivan was named “Artist of the Year” at our North Shore studio.



A is for Artist
Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago, IL 2017
U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky's Office
Glenview, IL 2017
Artist of the Year, North Shore Awards Show
Arts of Life, Glenview, IL 2018
The Other Art Fair
Mana Contemporary, Chicago, IL 2019

Portfolio work

Bell Tower of Lake Resia, 2021

  • acrylic, colored pencil, and watercolor on paper
  • 13" x 10"
  • See Details

Eiffel Tower in Canyon, 2021

The Sea of White Dragons, 2021

  • colored pencil and watercolor on paper
  • 11" x 9"
  • See Details

Rose of Biollante, 2021

Mystery Garden Of The Gods, 2021

Chadwick Boseman, 2021

  • acrylic and colored pencil on paper
  • 9" x 12"
  • See Details

Table of the Sun, 2021

Paradise Falls, 2021

Winter Snow, 2021

Draco Statue, 2021

Fall Trees, 2021

Lake Michigan Lighthouse, 2020

  • Sold

Irish Chicago, 2020

Hotaka Mountain, 2020

Freedom Flag, 2020

Beauty Park, 2020

Volcano, 2020

Night of the Indoraptor, 2020

Godzilla On The Wave, 2020

Full Moon in the Tree, 2019

Phoenix, 2019

One Tree in Rock Over Water, 2019

Four White Trees Sleepy Hollow, 2019

Legend of Pride Land, 2019

Jack Artist of the Year, 2019

Aboriginal Dreamtime Sun, 2019

Dragons the Hidden World, 2019

Curse of the Blood Red Moon, 2019

Snowman and Himalayn, 2019

Atlantis, 2019

London England, 2018

Lake in Dublin Castle, 2018

Wauconda, 2018

Barnyard Sheep, 2017

Gallery Park, 2017

Cliffs and Sea Sainte Adresse, 2017

Stonehenge in day, 2017

Martin Luther King The Dream, 2017

Canyon Rock Sunrise, 2016

Eagle on U.S. Capital, 2016

Shower on Nihonbashi, 2016

Cherry Blossom Tree on Molten Lava, 2016

Pyramid the Sphynx of Egypt, 2016

Ireland Caste, 2016

The Great Wall of China, 2016

  • Sold

Ishiyama Girl, 2016

  • Sold

Bird Flying Over The Rainbow, 2015