Kelly Stone

North Shore

KS.Hand or Something-24x19-MM.2019

Hand or Something

KS. Country Clouds-11x17-MM-2014

Country Clouds


Spring Time Sky


Born in Ontario, Canada, Kelly spent a part of his childhood on a farm in Tennessee before settling into Chicago. Still a man of nature, Kelly enjoys writing songs and creating drawings embodying his love of plants and animals. Kelly has been a professional artist for more than twenty years at The Arts of Life and a singer in The Arts of Life Band since 2008. He enjoys watching TV, going shopping with his friends, and participating in Special Olympics at Loyola Park.

"Hardworking man. I like to paint circles, squares, rectangles, blue, green, purple, yellow, people, trees, planes. I like to do it on paper. I just do. Paint the whole thing. It makes me feel good. I like painting, I want them to remember my paintings. I like coming to the studio. I just do. It makes me happy."



Sly Neighbors
Circle Contemporary 2019
The Beasts
Circle Contemporary 2018
Community in Color
Circle Contemporary 2018
Et Tu, Art Brut
Andrew Edlin Gallery 2017

Portfolio work

Hand or Something, 2019

Country Clouds, 2014

Spring Time Sky, 2013

Vines and Plants, 2015

Me Walking, Holding Balloons, 2016

House, 2016

Fox In The Snow, 2015

  • Sold

A Boy, 2016

Flower Garden, 2015

Green Grass and Flowers, 2014

Grey Deer, 2016

Orange Tree, 2015

Red Yellow Orange Clouds, 2013

Yellow Flower & Green Leaves, 2018

Signs, 2018

Circles, 2019

Desert Squiggles, 2019

Desert Stripes, 2019

Just Talking, 2019

Lion Cub, 2018

Man In The Rain, 2019

Something That I Did, 2018

Different Colored Red Squares, 2019

House Flowers Clouds and the Sun, 2019

Untitled, 2019

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