Nikki Heusman

North Shore

NH Leontune Price 2019 Pastel 11.5x18

Leontyne Price


New Kids Move into the Block


Still Life Cherries


Studio Member since 2011


Nikki Huesman’s art practice is defined by her distinct artistic style and adeptness across mediums. Her portraiture is marked by subtle line work and shading on figures that are offset by backgrounds that pulsate with energetic color patterns.

“I like doing people because I find them very interesting. I always wondered how they would look on canvas and how would they look in my eyes from a standpoint.”

Heusman draws inspiration from a variety of sources: classic paintings, contemporary works of art and pop culture. Regardless of origin, the resulting works maintain subjects rendered with a whimsical hand. Each piece is crafted through a methodical process, involving careful composition, sketching and transferring.

“I can come here and let my hair down and just go to town on art. I want to get my art out there into the world. I want people to see me as a person instead as a person with a disability. I want them to see a person who has vision problems can accomplish anything in the world. That’s how I look at it.”

Heusman’s artwork has been featured on Arts of Life merchandise including: greeting cards, poetry books and a calendar. She is also a singer for the studio band, Van Go Go and was the North Shore studio’s artist of the month in November 2018.



EXPO Chicago
Navy Pier, Chicago, IL 2022
Three City Social
Los Angeles, Portland, Glenview 2019
Community in Color
Circle Contemporary, Chicago, IL 2018
A is for Artist
The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago, IL 2017
Permanent Collection
The Waisman Foundation, Madison, WI 2017

Portfolio work

  • Sold

Leontyne Price, 2019

New Kids Move into the Block, 2020

Still Life Cherries, 2021

Still Life Fresh Apples, 2019

New Edition Singers, 2021

The Obamas, 2022

China Flower, 2012

The Potato Eaters, 2019

Elizabeth Taylor, 2018

  • Sold

Still Life, 2019

Champagne Glass, 2020

Snowballs in Winter, 2020

Flowers Still Life, 2020

Birds of Paradise, 2019

A Strong Woman, 2019

Diana Ross and Tracey, 2021

Gone With The Wind, 2021

Landscape, 2021

Lady in the Wilderness, 2020

In Africa, 2018

Tigers in the Wild, 2018

Cat After Midnight, 2021

Janet Jackson, 2021

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