North Shore

SK - COLORFUL MACARONS - 20 / 2018 - $175 -  24x18

Colorful Macarons


Apples Fruit

saemee - Blue Genie and Green Genie Good magic - acrylic 24 x 36

Blue Genie and Green Genie Good Magic


Studio Member since 2016


Saemee is an avid lover of fables and voracious reader who often relates stories and folklore that she heard throughout childhood. This interest seeps into her artwork in the form of characters and scenes she reconstructs to fit her individual artistic voice.

“The circle shape and line like this. The triangle. The circle. The shape. Just like comic books. Just like storybook picture.”

This is further evidenced in Saemee’s clean, illustrative style. Her representational subject matter is often punctuated with crisp black lines outlining fundamental shapes. She works with diligence and focus while immersed in her internal storylines—always rooting for the good guys to affect a happy ending.

“They look so beautiful. Everyone go see. They like it.”



Winter Expo
Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL 2017
I Challenge You
Glenview Public Library, Glenview, IL 2017
North Shore Awards Show
Circle Contemporary North Shore, Glenview, IL 2019

Portfolio work

Colorful Macarons, 2018

Apples Fruit, 2019

Blue Genie and Green Genie Good Magic, 2019

  • Sold

Flower and Strawberry, 2019

Please Be Quiet In The Bookstore, 2019

Book, 2018

Apple and Pear, 2019

Sun and Moon, 2017

Pears Fruit, 2019

Please Be Quiet In The Library, 2019

Blossom Bubbles and Buttercup, 2019

Book Symbols, 2017

Sakura Blossom and Butterfly, 2019

James Park’s Bunny Rabbit Toto, 2018

The Flower and the Star the Butterfly and the Heart, 2018

Rollpanna, 2019

Rainbow Flag, 2016

African Sunset, 2018

Pink And Blue Good Magic, 2018

Ruby, Emerald, Saphire, Shadow, 2019

Belgium Fag, 2016

Irish Flag, 2016

Italy Fag, 2016

Thailand Flag, 2016

Batman Symbol, 2018

Yes Disney Prince, 2021

No Disney Villain, 2021

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