Chicago Studio


When I make artwork, I’m in my own space, there’s not anybody here. I’m in my own zone. I’m relaxed and calm. Whether it is painting or drawing or making sketches, I’m in such a good mood when I leave the studio. I have all this positive energy when I’m here and when I leave here. I have all this positive energy in me because of work and I want to do more. When I’m at home I think about what I want to work on next at the studio.

Painting is calming and relaxing. It’s almost like you get your inner self out. It’s something that resembles you, it’s something you’ve seen or like. Painting comes from your inner self, something that you like. I get inspiration from other artists. If I’m out somewhere where there are pictures, like for example in the gallery — one day I saw Frances’ work and I looked at them and I thought these look pretty cool. I am inspired by Richard Diebenkorn and I like learning about other abstract painters.

Selected Exhibits

March Artist of the Month

Circle Contemporary Gallery - 2019

Memory Palace

Circle Contemporary Gallery - 2018

7th Annual Square Foot Show

OPEN Gallery - 2018

Chicago Studio Award Show

Circle Contemporary Gallery - 2017