North Shore Studio


Amanda Ganter was born in 1983 and joined the Arts of Life in 2012. Gantner has an innate ability to understand and interpret light. She renders its subtle nuances filtering through landscapes and the depths of the sky.

Gentle color shifts and meticulous blending inhabit her representational work, while her lively abstract paintings burst with energy through radical color combinations and high contrast. A modern impressionist, Ganter’s work eliminates the finer details and focuses instead on the suggestion of form. Her line work has a kinetic quality that portrays excitement, stillness, motion and peace with equal measure.

“All the colors. I like the shapes and the colors are bright, shining and it sticks out.”

Brimming with tenacity, Gantner is a voracious maker who is dedicated to expanding her practice. Though her work has maintained continuity over time, experimentation and risk taking in her artwork has paid off in dividends. Gantner is a nationally exhibited artist who appears in corporate collections, private collections, galleries, studio merchandise and has been licensed for retail use.

“Very happy because I get the money. I feel happy. What I can do.”

Gantner’s artwork has been featured on labels for Middlebrow Brewery and on studio merchandise. She was also the North Shore studio’s 2019 artist of the year!

Selected Exhibits

The Beasts

Circle Contemporary Chicago, IL - 2019

Three City Social

Los Angeles, Glenview, Portland - 2019

U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky's Office

Glenview, IL - 2018

Carson's Furniture Gallery

Wilmette, IL - 2017