North Shore Studio


Amanda Ganter was born in 1983 and joined the Arts of Life in 2012. A modern impressionist, Ganter’s work eliminates the finer details and focuses instead on the suggestion of form.

“When I first came [to the Arts of Life] I didn’t draw anything. Then I got great. Now that I’ve got used to it, it’s fun. I do paint, oil pastels, chalk pastels. It’s messy, doing different kinds of art.”

Ganter works with a gentle hand to yield fluid backgrounds, punctuated with lively strokes. Her line work has a kinetic quality that portrays excitement, stillness, motion and peace with equal measure.

With depictions of her fondest travels and longing for life on sandy shores, Ganter’s work creates the sense of a single moment in time, full of beauty and excitement, and presents us with the opportunity for vicarious travel through the vehicle of her imagination.

“I like colors nice and bright. The lines. It sticks out. It’s colorful. It’s bright. It worked. The picture I made makes people feel happy because they are beautiful.”

Selected Exhibits

U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky's Office

Glenview, IL - 2018

Carson's Furniture Gallery

Wilmette, IL - 2017

I Challenge You

Glenview Public Library, Glenview, IL - 2017