North Shore Studio


I make art because I’m interested in it. I like to draw and color. I have lots of coloring supplies at home.

I like to draw animals, designs and landscapes. These things interest me. I love to have fun drawing things that interest me and might sell. I love to do it. That is all.

I look at magazines for ideas for my drawings. Or just think of ideas in my head. If I use paper, I draw with colored pencils or pens. If I paint, I use acrylic paints.

It makes me feel good to see all my pictures. It makes me feel like I want to learn more about artwork.

People give me compliments about my work. My family and people at my other workplace have seen my artwork on the computer. They say it’s very good and one person even said “Awesome!” Also, people say they are very colorful.

I want to learn to blend colors with paint and with pencils in my artwork and pictures and ask for help when I need it. Maybe trying collage or oil pastels.

Laura from Active Visions helped pushed me to make my art and help me get involved with The Arts of Life. Also, looking at all the famous artists’ paintings in museums inspired me.