North Shore Studio


I love making art beautiful. I paint EVERYTHING! Like Christmas wreaths, shamrocks, pictures of the beach. Like Halloween pumpkins, ghosts that say boo and witches! Like a little flower garden. Pictures of mountains and hot tubs. Paint a beach, like a palm tree.

I hate blood and hippopotamuses. I don’t make mummies.

I do it myself. I make a picture in my mind. It’s what your world looks like in your mind. You draw whatever you want, what is darling to you. Maybe a picture of you and your parents. Like a family.

I make a sketch. Color it in with colored pencils. Make some clouds and pouring rain. I start painting with acrylic paint. It’s done soon.

If someone knows me very well, like my friends, they know what the painting is. I do a nice perfect job on it.

I see freckles on a deer. Brown, green and red.

My mom says, “You did a good job on it. They are adorable.” My dad says, “They are so darling!” Hilary says my work is a little bit gorgeous.

I’d love to have a home with a flower garden. I’d love to go on a car trip to New York City. I’d like to collage pictures.

A good colorful butterfly inspires me, one I never saw before. The beach inspires me. Or sometimes a person, like Bigfoot is a person in a costume. I just love the colors of art. And drawing people like my family.