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Born in 1969, Christianne Msall joined Arts of Life in 2008. She has always been a strong self-advocate, dedicated to her personal and professional development.  Her work is a colorful mixture of spontaneous shapes and symbols, inspired by her faith, family and community.

Msall’s preferred medium is colored pencils.  She uses an array of colors to lay out patterns and imagery in her drawings.  With the combination of fine detail and a range of hues, Msall creates pieces that radiate vibrancy, passion and energy. Peace signs, rainbows, flowers and hearts are common themes across her portfolio.  “When I look at my work, I see how happy I am, my positivity. When others look, they see how wonderful I am, that I have good ideas and good techniques. I’m very proud of myself.”

In October of 2018, Msall was recognized as the Chicago Studio’s “Artist of the Month.”  She’s also shown artwork at the Chicago City Clerk’s Office.

Selected Exhibits

Slow Read

Circle Contemporary - 2019

Sly Neighbors

Circle Contemporary - 2019

October Artist of the Month

Circle Contemporary - 2018

Chicago Studio Awards Show

Circle Contemporary - 2017