Chicago Studio


Christina Zion was born in 1983 and joined Arts of Life in 2009. Known for her comics and characters, Zion is a true storyteller. Her work immerses viewers into a world of action, excitement and depth.

“My books tell a story, I plan it out, I change my sketch into a final project. I choose an image, then I work from the picture. I use pencil and then I use a fine line Sharpie to go over the pencil lines and then to add color. I use markers, oil pastels, pencils and pen.”

Zion takes pride in being careful with her artwork, taking the time to depict what she sees in her mind onto paper. Ever-evolving and growing in its complexity, Zion’s artwork is a story unfolding a chapter at a time.

“Art is special to me. I work hard, and make sure I pay attention to every detail. I want everything to be perfect, and neat.”

Zion is also singer and writer for the Arts of Life Band. She is featured on the 2017 album Kinda Weirdly.

Selected Exhibits

Truer Lives

Circle Contemporary Gallery - 2017

2017 Chicago Studio Award Show

Circle Contemporary Gallery - 2017