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Art is a fun thing to do. It makes me feel comfortable. I like to do the Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, presidents, dinosaurs, animals, Power Rangers & entertainers like Michael Jackson. I also paint NFL football players, baseball players, & NBA basketball players too. These things are fun to me & I like the way they look. I do animals, dinosaurs, & presidents because when I look at pictures of them first, I want to paint them. Also, because presidents are important in American history, I painted all of the presidents. The president series is done. It’s over. If a republican succeeds Obama next, I’ll paint him or her. I like to draw sports players because they are important in professional sports leagues in Northern America. Movies & TV shows inspire me.


I do brush strokes for the background first & draw the figure from either a picture or from memory. Then I write on the words, like in my president series. Presidents I painted with triangles, circles, rectangles, cones, & blocks & squares. I like using paints, pastel crayons, markers, colored pencils. Sometimes bigger paint brush, sometimes smaller paint brush. It’s good exercise & stamina. I also use metallic crayons, they are made in Korea. I like to make art with these things. My goal is to use darker & lighter colors. I like to work neatly on both large & small paintings.


Other artists around the world as well as Ronnie inspire me. She did around a thousand more paintings than I have. I’m a unique artist by adding more layers of color & different backgrounds.

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