Chicago Studio


Born in 1962, David Krueger joined Arts of Life in 2007.

Krueger approaches everything in his life with boundless energy and enthusiasm. This is evident in his artwork- each piece full of bright colors, graphic shapes and geometric patterns.

“To me, art makes me really happy about myself, it gives me a lift. It makes me feel happy to experience the different colors and the different textures. I like to spread my feelings through my paintings. I like to add different colors to add them to my paintings.”

Drawing inspiration from graphic art, he employs bright colors and symbology in his paintings. His geometric style is characterized by horizontal bands drawn across the canvas which break up the frame into narrative sections, reminiscent of a comic book. Between these lines, David uses decorative elements including stars, zigzags, squares, crosses, and X’s. This abstract approach to Pop Art is bold and dynamic- just like the man himself.  

“When I look at my paintings, I breathe life into it. People like my art. They say, ‘Ohhhh, Krueger, you’ve got talent!’”

Krueger’s work was included in the Chicago Cultural Center’s 2019 exhibition In Good Company, and the Circle Contemporary exhibition All Well and Good. He has an ongoing collaborative practice with artist Ben Marcus, creating comics about the character Love Man. Krueger’s practice was recently featured by the website Disparate Minds. He can also be heard on the Arts of Life Band’s 2017 album Kinda Weirdly.

Selected Exhibits

Slow Read

Circle Contemporary - 2019

All Well and Good

Circle Contemporary - 2019

In Good Company

Chicago Cultural Center - 2019

Groupon Corporate Office

Chicago, IL - 2018

A is for Artist

Ukranian Institute of Modern Art - 2017

Truer Lives

Circle Contemporary Gallery - 2017