North Shore Studio


Edward Rawski was born in 1967 and joined the Arts of Life in 2014. His affinity for people, costuming and global cultures has led him to create a body of work that is ripe with color, diversity and intrigue. Inspiration is motivated by his rich experience with international travel.

“I drew her dress with red. I used a couple of orange things on her. I gave her some earrings so people can look at her. Feet so she can walk around.”

Ed renders his work with a delicate hand, leaving remnants of his process exposed as he adds washes of pigment to his painting. He portrays the life force, energy and movement of figures with deference to the life he imagines for them, infusing his works with lively cultural references.

“It can be nice to do art when I make pictures of people. I just have to concentrate at my artwork and then people can look at it when we have an art show.”

Rawski’s artwork has been featured on studio merchandise, including a series of greeting cards.

Selected Exhibits

7th Annual Square Foot Show

OPEN Gallery, Glenview, IL - 2018

A is for Artist

Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago, IL - 2017

Carson's Furniture Gallery

Wilmette, IL - 2017