North Shore Studio


Edward Rawski was born in 1967 and joined the Arts of Life in 2014. His affinity for people, glamour and global cultures has led him to create a body of work that is ripe with color and intrigue. Inspiration is motivated by his rich experience with international travel.

“Bonnie Franklin always has that wig on her hair and she takes it off and she’s a regular woman. I combined color. Those are rain clouds I put there. I remember I used a nice texture with all of these things.”

Rawski establishes airiness in his work through the retention of white space and the light touch of his line work. The realism of Ed’s artwork is tempered through thoughtfully placed color fields and loose spatial relationships between figures.

“If I keep working on my artwork maybe I can put my work in a solo show. People will see I did this. I did that. People can say, “Ed did this. Ed did that.”

Rawski is a member of the studio’s curatorial committee and poetry group. He was the North Shore studio’s artist of the month in July 2018, and his artwork has been featured on studio merchandise.

Selected Exhibits

The Beasts

Circle Contemporary Chicago, IL - 2019

A is for Artist

Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago, IL - 2017

Carson's Furniture Gallery

Wilmette, IL - 2017