Chicago Studio


Born in 1979, Elisha Preston joined Arts of Life in 2013. His artwork functions as a true extension of his vibrant and cheerful personality. Exuberant linework and bright colors yield a sense of movement and humor.

“Art makes me feel happy! I am a happy guy, Elisha! I like to draw lines, and colors. Bright colors. Lots of different colors like a rainbow and sunshine. I use colored pencils and pastel. Yellow, purple, gold. It looks very nice.”

Preston’s use of oil pastels and chalk allows him to create glowing layers of colored lines. His art can be viewed as a hidden map of his day at the studio, each one as unique and special as the day itself.


Selected Exhibits

2017 Chicago Studio Award Show

Circle Contemporary Gallery - 2017

A is For Art

Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art - 2017