Chicago Studio


Art gives me the experience to learn more and set my goals. It gives me a chance to do more creative writing and write poems. I want to write more poems if it’s peace and quiet here. I like to learn more about art. I practice more than others before I get my artwork together! I use acrylic paint. I like looking at pictures in books for things to paint, doing some practice drawings, then making a painting. Others don’t practice before they start. I take my time. I’m not like the rest of the artists. I like to use paint because of the many different colors. I like to write poems on the backs of the pictures. I am inspired by poetry. It keeps my mind fresh. I don’t know where I got it from. My friends are like: “Oh money, get rich!” My mother, before she passed away, would buy different artist’s paintings. Like ones of a girl crying and trees and houses. I love the pictures and the different easels. Big ones and small ones. I said, “I can do that!” I want their work and my work and put it together and get money. I want to learn about how to really draw and make money. I want to get a red Chevy with no top and no license. With fancy spinning tires, headlights, and no license. I would go through the mountains and hills, going up and down. More freedom and knowing different things. Just give me the money and the car. Getting paid inspires me!  My work looks at people. The audience guesses.

Selected Exhibits

Et Tu, Art Brut

Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York, NY - 2017