Chicago Studio


Guy was born in 1990 in Tokyo, Japan and moved to to Chicago in 1995. Guy attended Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. College Preparatory High School and graduated in 2011. Guy joined the Arts of Life studio in 2013. Outside of his work as a realism painter Guy is an avid runner, having participated in 5 marathons throughout the United States.

Guy has an incredible talent for photorealism and is gifted with a keen sense of visual perception. Where other artists may be intimidated by the detail or scope of a reference photograph, Guy has the ability to break his subject down to the key qualities that convey depth, texture, and character. He is adept at using multiple artistic mediums to execute his paintings. Using photographs as reference, he paints with remarkable accuracy the places he has visited or objects that interest him.

Guy enjoys painting images of landscapes and still lives, as well as working on commissioned pet portraits. “I like to make art. I use colored pencils and paint and oil pastels to make it look real. I make friends at The Arts of Life. I like the other artist and staff. Volunteers come here to help me too. I draw people and things that I see. I look at photographs, get ideas. People say my art looks good.”


Selected Exhibits

The Beasts

Circle Contemporary, Chicago IL - 2018

Memory Palace

Circle Contemporary, Chicago IL - 2018

Et Tu, Art Brut

Andrew Edlin Gallery, NYC NY - 2017

A is for Artist

Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago IL - 2017