Chicago Studio


Jean was born in 1958 in Chicago. As a child and young adult, she lived in several state operated institutions. In 2000, Jean moved into L’Arche Chicago as one of the founding core members and began working at the Arts of Life in 2007. An accomplished visual artist as well as a musician in the Arts of Life Band, Jean creative drive seems to have no limits.  This past year Jean created a public banner for the Oak Park Arts District. Her work was also featured in the Circle Contemporary show The Beasts, as well of the extension of that show at The Other Art Fair at MANA Contemporary.

“Art makes me feel happy, and it makes me feel proud. I make animals in my artwork, I care about animals.  Nature inspires me.”

Jean’s unique talent is to determine the emotional core of her subject matter and depict this as largely and loudly as she possibly can. Drawn to animals as subject matter, Jean concentrates on what makes her subjects powerful, dangerous, and respected. Before we notice anything else, we see teeth, claws, and glowing eyes. Her ferocious menagerie acts as protection for Jean and announces her artistic identity.

“I want to sell my paintings!  I want to shock them with my art! I want people to remember me when I am 119 years old up in heaven.”

Selected Exhibits

In Good Company

Chicago Cultural Center - 2019

The Beasts

Circle Contemporary - 2018

November Artist of the Month

Circle Contemporary - 2017

A is for Artist

Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art - 2017