Jenny Kominsky
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I was born an artist. Art gets rid of stress instead of holding it in. I feel what I paint, putting the emotions in there. Paintings are supposed to be full of emotions and beauty.

I like using my imagination. I really enjoy doing landscapes because they are beautiful. The scenery can make you feel scared or relaxed or free. I also make my own creatures from my imagination.

I like to use the techniques that I was trained to do in school, like stippling, value, and working from back to front. The stippling makes me feel like an older typewriter. I am highly talented and trained and I focus more on the technical side of art. I like realism and my work is realistic and detailed.

I can see my emotions in all of my paintings. I can see other people’s emotions in their work, like Van Gogh. I can see his depression and happiness. People say they love my paintings. Everyone sees something different in my artwork and they see their emotions as well.

I would love to sell more of my artwork and also have my teacher [from high school] come and see my work and the environment I create in. I’d also like to do landscapes from life by painting outside.

I’m inspired by myself and the other artists here. The way they do their art is interesting to me. And my horse and dog inspire me because they are my favorites.

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