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Art makes me feel happy. I think I am happy today. I like to paint shapes and landscapes, not people. I make circles with stamps. Circles for Ronnie. Squares are easy to color in and I like the shape. It helps me concentrate. I do like to do my artwork, I do! I like to do painting. I use a paintbrush, paint, water, pastels, crayons, and a paintbrush. I paint red, blue, different colors. My favorite colors are brown, yellow, red, blue and purple. Stripes. I like to put colors on it and make big circles.

I paint about pop because I can have only one a day. Do I have one pop a day, or do I have one pop a day?

I like to work and concentrate, it’s relaxed. I have my own workstation at Arts of Life. And I love stickers.

I like to make art so I can get paid. Getting paid to work on pictures. They sell them. I hang them up there at Starbucks. I like to get paid cause then I can buy summer clothes. My work has happy things and calms people down. People say they like it.

People, birthdays, flowers, shapes, dancing, rock and roll, and singinginspire me. And my sister, she likes to come over and visit. Frances is my favorite artist, she talks to people. People like my artwork because they like to talk to me.

I’m good to everybody!

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