North Shore Studio


Art is fun and it makes me happy. I like to make things for people so I can make money. I like to sketch everything: people and cakes. I like to use Sharpies. I have them at home.

I like to paint movie posters, people, animals and landscapes. Those things are fun to paint. I pick a picture on the computer, then I sketch on a piece of paper, then use pastels and then paint it. I like to make a mess!

I make it all up in my head. I make shapes. I make circles, boxes and rectangles. I use colors that are my favorite colors. I decided I wanted to make a cake and I called it “A Cake.”

I want to keep painting movie posters. After I finish movie posters, I want to do TV shows!

I want to make money with my drawings so I can get an apartment with everything in it. My TV. My boombox. I want to be a doctor and a teacher. Both.

I’m inspired by myself. It’s good work. My style is fun. I put my name on it. And other people love it and they like it.