North Shore Studio


I like drawing; I like to paint. I like to paint on an easel with acrylic paint and watercolor on boards. I feel happy when I am doing my painting. I like to do designs and stuff, making the shapes on the board, like circles and ovals. I like to put my paintings into art shows. I get my ideas from myself. First I get some paint, like blue and brown and white and orange. I start on the top and then paint on the bottom. I paint ice cream cakes because I like food. I have painted grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets and a wedding cake. I like to paint those things because it’s fun. Hanging out with my friends at the studio is fun. I am a friend to Phil (he does colorful paintings) and Montell and Danny and Niki and Russell and Quinn and Becca and Pam and Alex and Laura and Amanda and John and Cindy and Hilary… Everyone. I like to do dance videos here at the studio. I work in the mornings. I do lunches for Meals-on-Wheels for two hours on four mornings. On Tuesdays I work at the Glenview Public Library. I shelve books. In five years I want to be engaged. Get married. I will still be making art. I’d like to work at a sushi restaurant and clean tables, put dishes away and do the salt and pepper shakers.