Chicago Studio


Art makes me feel more relaxed and it brings out my creativity. I can bring out my true self. I am very blessed to have this talent and I want to nurture it. I never knew I would be a good artist until recently. I draw abstract subjects, and nature, and holy scenes. Whatever pops into my head. I use lines in my drawings. I use thin brushes for thin parts and larger brushes to brush the lines out when I need to. It takes practice. I like to experiment. The Arts of Life is the only place I can experiment. The details and all the fine points in my work make my art stand out from others. I pay attention to detail and I have more details than everyone else. I think it’s beautiful. Being in the studio helps me to be more creative. I’m open to suggestions from the professionals I work with. I don’t know what other people see in my artwork, you’d have to ask them. They might say, “He’s a tremendous artist and a nice guy.” Not to brag, but I try. When the time comes I’ll ask them.  My inspirations are Picasso, Renoir,  and Michelangelo. I am a budding Picasso.