Chicago Studio


Linda was born in 1953, and has maintained a strong connection to her family throughout her life.  After having worked at Arts of Life for 16 years, Linda moved to Minnesota in December of 2018 to be closer to her family. While working at Arts of Life she developed a rich practice as a mixed media artist.  Linda chooses her medium based on its ability to best express and bring alive her subject matter.

Linda treats her work playfully, open to and amused by what others see within her composition. Linda freely mixes abstract drawing and painting with representative images of animals, people, and plant life.

“I use paint – it gets messy, I like to use the brush with it. I like acrylic paint. I like watercolors. They’re pretty. I draw with colored pencils and sharpies. People say they’re nice. Horses, houses, windows, flowers, cakes.”

In addition to her solo work, Linda has developed collaborative projects with WomanMade Gallery and the 20 Neighborhoods Project.  She exhibited at Dock 6 for Art and Design 11. Most recently, she was featured in the Chicago Cultural Center exhibition In Good Company, and the Circle Contemporary exhibition Entrelazar, curated by Edra Soto.

Selected Exhibits

Design & Art 11

Dock 6 - 2018

Et Tu, Art Brut

Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York, New York - 2017

A is for Artist

Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago IL - 2017