Chicago Studio


Maria joined the studio in 2017. A long time maker who has enjoyed various fiber and ceramic projects in the past, she is actively recreating her practice. She enjoys re-imagining found imagery by integrating patterns and bright colors and doesn’t shy away from the decorative either. She often references floral designs and fabric patterns in her drawings.  Making something bright and beautiful is at the top of her list!

“I like to make artwork. The colors are very very bright. I like to use markers to draw raindrops, a rainbow, a tree. Next time I will do it different. I like to start with a white blank background. I like to use bright colors with dark colors. I like to use a lot of them, and mix them together.”

Recently Maria’s work was featured in the Circle Contemporary group exhibition The Beasts. She was also choosen as the studio’s Artist of the Month in July 2018.



Selected Exhibits

All Well and Good

Circle Contemporary - 2019

The Beasts

Circle Contemporary - 2018