North Shore Studio


Art makes me feel good, helps me express myself and makes me feel like I can do something. Art brings out an emotion in me.

I do portraits and landscapes. It brings out my talent to paint another person. It’s challenging. Painting scenery is calming. I also do still lifes. Other people have done them and I like to see if I can match their talent. Seeing a painting turn out the way I want is what drives me.

I use acrylics, pastels and colored pencils. I prefer acrylic because it brings out the image more, makes it more defined. I use various brushes.

My brushstrokes make my work unique. So do the colors I use. I have my own style.

When I look at my work, I see a lot of good talent. I see that I take interest in my work. Other people, they like the brushstrokes. Good art is done precisely the way you want it to be.

I want to be the best painter I can be. I’d like to have my paintings sell and to have more people like my work. I also plan to get my own supplies to work from home.

Artists in the past inspire me, like Bob Ross and Monet.