North Shore Studio


I will carry and destroy.

Sharpen pencils, okay. I make art. The fishies. The black one. Yes. I cried when it came. Sit back and relax.

Oooooo…. Nice people. A dragon and whales. I like whales. Yes. Arrest him.

I’m too skinny. I circle pastels on wood. Fabric. Other paint. Shake maracas as music time. I like music, too. Promise me, okay?

I don’t clean up. My power is great!

No strange jokes. I like jokes. Yes. We do, okay? I said “it’s our turn in the light.” Take it or leave it. Ask it for yourself.

Prepare yourself.

In the future: A puppet show. A castle. The stage.

I like persons, okay? No more. A bunch of people.