North Shore Studio


Rebecca (Becky) Kubica was born in 1988 and joined the Arts of Life in 2013. Her work is a reckoning with personal life and fantasy. A natural storyteller, she creates artistic narratives featuring herself with figures of people has relationships with as well as people she would like to know and be known by.

“Well I just love making art. I do since I was a little kid. I drew pictures of my mom and movie stars. Now I make pictures out of my life and show myself doing it. I want them to know I’m making myself a drawing of this movie star and she’s an artist. We go on a date. She will know me. Sometimes people go on a date and they want to know you. I love the idea. It’s nice and sweet!”

Becky is confident in her art making ability and artistic vision. She continually builds on her existing practice, implementing new skills in a way that honors her vision. This exploration often happens among fields of tightly fitted, angled shapes that effect a quilt-like background of highly saturated pigments.

“Do anything I want. Make pictures big like this or make it small like these. Markers. Pattern, too. The color: I do lots of colors. Make the pictures more colorful, not just white all the time. That’d be nothing. Nobody in it.”


Selected Exhibits

The Other Art Fair

Mana Contemporary, Chicago, IL - 2019

A is for Artist

Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago, IL - 2017

The Beasts

Circle Contemporary Chicago, IL - 2017