North Shore Studio


Rebecca Turner was born in 1984 and joined the Arts of life in 2011. Turner is vivacious by nature and this expression shines through in her artwork. Though Turner has an established practice working with acrylic paint, her most recent works are assemblages made with paper and colored pencil.

“I just glued it on and it is a collage. That’s it. I told you. That’s all. Paper. Draw. Colored pencils and making art is a good part because it’s a very good part.

Through this technique she develops dynamic negative space, layers and depth. The raw edges of elements in her artwork create texture and reveal the spontaneity of her process. Paper pieces are affixed in a precarious nature and hint at underlying uncertainty and a willingness to accept the ephemeral.

“I like making art because it makes me happy. I like hanging out with friends and artists. I like to draw pictures. I like to draw elephants, Matisse, and I like the story about making cupcakes. That’s a birthday story. I feel excited.”

Turner’s work has been featured on the Arts of Life studio merchandise.

Selected Exhibits

Like Sirens

Circle Contemporary North Shore, Glenview, IL - 2019

Art on a Hot Tin Roof

Bottom Lounge, Chicago, IL - 2018

Carson's Furniture Gallery

Wilmette, IL - 2017