North Shore Studio


Born in 1994, Renata Berdes joined the Arts of Life in 2014. Berdes’ persistence and laser focus in pursuit of her artistic outcomes is indomitable. She continually pursues her themes, or “obsessions” as she calls them, with voracity and intention.

“I want to do it because I am capable. I want to do art.”

Her sculptural works viewed collectively suggest the assemblage of a new space that plays with scale and permanence. Individually her sculptures are imbued with the magic of what is possible; first there was nothing, and now by Berdes’ hands and imagination the object exists. Her works are unified through an intimate connection with the sense of touch that manifests in rich textures.

“I like sculptures. You can touch it. Feel it. I look at my artwork. I really like my artwork.”

Berdes delivers with confidence and honesty, engaging viewers through her own vulnerability. She invites us to see the world from her viewpoint and delights us with her reinterpretation of what is.

“Art is a wonderful thing to do.”

Berdes’ artwork has been exhibited at the Chazen Museum of Art in Wisconsin, and is in the permanent collection at the University of Wisconsin” Waisman Foundation. She was also the North Shore studio’s artist of the month in January 2019.






Selected Exhibits


Circle Contemporary Chicago - 2019

Drawn To Art

Chazen Museum of Art - 2018

Permanent Collection

The Waisman Foundation, Madison, WI - 2017