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I used to draw in preschool and kindergarten and I loved it. I like to do art because it’s fun. Art makes me happy. I’m good at painting. I put paint on, smooth it out, then take it off. I like to paint hands, animals, suns, I paint myself. Because it’s fun! My house, holiday stuff, and food. I like to draw things that make me happy. I love art because I make money and it makes me feel good.

Art is good and messy. I want to keep working on my paintings. I use crayons, markers, painting, drawing, and sketching. I would like to try photography. I just draw it.

My art looks much better because I’ve done art since I was a little girl. I draw myself more. My art is different because it expresses how I feel. People see happy and exciting feelings when they look at my art.

I want to do a good job and be a good person. I have good ideas. I want to be a famous painter. I want my own store and sell my pictures. And have fun. I’m famous at painting. They say, “Who’s painting is that? Is that Shannon’s painting?” They say, “Shannon, you do good!” I want to be a famous artist like John Sharp.

Home inspires me. My mom and dad inspire me, my family inspires me. My people here at The Arts of Life inspire me. I love my people here! I made friends at Arts Of Life.

Tucker and Shnakes, 2012

12" x 9"
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Tucker and Shnakes, 2012

12" x 9"
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