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Born in 1984, Ted Gram-Boarini joined the Arts of Life in 2012. A self-identified multidisciplinary artist, his practices are inextricably linked to one another. For Gram-Boarini, it is impossible to speak exclusively about visual, musical or performance arts, as there is no definitive boundary. When creating or performing, one practice inevitably bleeds into the other.

“Rhythm is important to my work. Every time I’m thinking of music when I paint, that kind of focuses my art.”

Additionally, color is a key piece of Gram-Boarini’s art. When painting, the colors often serve as sources of inspiration as much as they are expressions of feeling or thought.

“With the amount of hours I’ve spent with painting and practicing, I use acrylic. I’ve always used acrylic or watercolor depending on what I’m working on. Color is important because each time I paint, color is what drives me to get a great design or a great idea. Color is what [is] driving me forward, as it were.”

Gram-Boarini is a singer for the studio band, Van Go Go. He is also a co-teacher in the studio’s Teaching Artist in Residency program. His art has been featured on Arts of Life partner site,

Selected Exhibits

Permanent Collection

The Waisman Foundation, Madison, WI - 2017

Carson's Furniture Gallery

Wilmette, IL - 2017

The Instrument of my Hands

Over The Rainbow Gallery, Evanston, IL - 2016