North Shore Studio


Born in 1991, Yordan Yanev joined Arts of Life in 2013. He works successfully across mediums whether painting, drawing or working with sculptural materials and has built a body of work utilizing these skills. Yanev’s patterns and graphic figures are suggestive of folk art, but he brings his personal approach to make them fresh and modern.

“How it makes me feel—good, excited or happy. I am going to say both. Excited and happy about it.”

Yanev never seems to lack for inspiration and works seem to flow seamlessly from his hands. His artwork is characterized by a highly tactile quality that is equally suggested through his use of materials or brushstrokes. He often uses yarn and string to create figures, but also as a medium to create dimension and color depth.

“Making different paintings and different pictures about it. Wood, painting and yarn. Combining wood and yarn because to make different things.”

Eye-catching and intriguing, Yanev’s art demands the viewer’s attention.



Selected Exhibits

7th Annual Square Foot Show

OPEN Gallery, Glenview, IL - 2018

Winter Expo

Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL - 2017

I Challenge You

Glenview Public Library, Glenview, IL - 2017