Becky Kubica: June Artist of the Month

Becky Kubica has been selected as our agency-wide artist of the month for June 2020! Becky was selected by her peers on the merits of her dedication to her personal art practice throughout her 7 year tenure at our North Shore studio.

Arts of Life Curatorial track member, Aaron Kleeblatt, had this to say: “Welcome to the world of Becky! Her style is unusual—it’s like all of these different ideas that come out of her own mind.”

Becky’s artwork is rich in narratives where she intertwines herself with fictional characters, friends and family alike. The following images were selected by agency artists on our Curating Committee as works which best represent Becky’s talent. Read on to see what insight Becky has to offer on each of these works!

Becky Kubica, Becky In Bed, 2016

“That’s me. I’m on a bed in an emergency room. There was a problem of my and my throat. I called my dad. I told him I need some things in my room.”

Becky Kubica, Becky’s Surgery, 2019

“That’s Catherine Young. She’s on TV with me and watching feel good. She helped me feel better. I needed surgery a little bit.”

Becky Kubica, First Born in New Home, 2019

“This is Catherine Young trying to be a mom to me because she loves me. She said she might keep us. She said I am the perfect daughter to her. Then she said she’ll build me a new room with a TV and a movie too. She works and puts stuff in a bed.”

Becky Kubica, In the Swimming Pool, 2019

“That is Catherine Young. She is swimming in the pool. She is alone. There were ducks all around the pool. She is hot, and she want to swim in the pool to cool down.”

Becky Kubica, Kid Big Made Joy Becky Young, 2020

“That’s Becky with her hand up. Her mom was really upset because Becky Young is breaking the rules. She is drinking and smoking. Then the mom talks to her and says, “I don’t love this in the house and basement”.

Becky Kubica, My Dream Meeting Mom in Family, 2019

“She has a warm heart. She was happy and she sees me so bad. She wants to me to come eat dinner at her house on my first date. I was a new person and I was scared my first time. I was hiding my eyes. Then I told her I thought she was a really a nice lady but she said “I [Becky] am nice”.

In conclusion Arts of Life studio curator Aria Carter says it best, “Becky is a fabulous artist. She draws a beautiful piece and draw these colors.”

Thank you Becky for providing us with insight into your artwork!