Become A Studio Artist

Arts of Life offers individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities an alternative career path than a traditional day program, designed to help enrich their lives as working artists.

Collective Decision Making
We were founded on the idea that the studio belongs to its artists. The studio is guided by the principle that artists with disabilities should have the opportunity to be members of an artistic community which:
•Develops organically based on their individual and collective needs.
•Is constantly shaped by their opinions, choices, and interests.
•Contributes to our society and the arts community.

Our artists are charged with the responsibility of investing their creative energy into their studio. Our staff is charged with the responsibility of helping our artists make informed decisions and shape the studio environment into what the artists desire. Everyone at Arts of Life—especially the artists—has a voting voice in every aspect of our studio influencing professional development curriculum, staff hiring, and daily life in the studio.

Professional Development
A core tenet of Arts of Life is to heighten the profile of our artists as true professionals within the greater artistic community. Arts of Life utilizes a comprehensive, structured, approach to advancing the artists’ professional development. Each artist has the opportunity to identify one of several professional tracks to guide the progression of their careers.

Enrollment Requirements
•18 years or older.
•Have a developmental disability.
•Sustain interest in art-making.
•Be able to use supplies safely.

Funding Streams
Arts of Life is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization partially supported by the state of Illinois. Please check with your intake contact after submitting the form bellow for current rates. We accept the following funding:
•Private Pay

Visit us:

-Mon, Oct 21 6:00-9:00pm | DuPage County Options Fair @ Lyons Township High School

-Wed, Oct 23 9:00-2:00pm | 6th annual MOPD/ODLSS Transition F.A.I.R @ South Shore Cultural Center

-Wed, Nov 13 6:30-9:00pm | BEST Fair Transitions For the Future @ Niles North High School 


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