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CFC #12865

Arts of Life is proud to participate in the 2018 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Each year federal employees and retirees make a commitment to the nonprofit sector through this charitable giving drive. Launched by President Kennedy in 1961, the CFC is one of the largest programs of its kind in the world. The results have been staggering – civilian and military federal employees collectively donated an incredible $109 million in 2017.

Do you have a friend or family who works for the federal government? Please consider letting them know why you think Arts of Life is a great nonprofit to support. With the option of payroll or annuity deductions, donors can have a large impact by donating a smaller amount each pay period.

Think about this…

  • WITH $5 PER MONTH, YOU CAN GIVE RECOGNITION – supporting the facilitation of Artist of the Month, allowing us to highlight the oeuvre on one artist per month.
  • WITH $10 PER MONTH, YOU CAN GIVE TOOLS – providing art supplies for supplemental programs, like comic group, art history, and more.
  • WITH $25 PER MONTH, YOU CAN GIVE A RIDE – providing transportation to/from the studio for an artist for one year.
  • WITH $50 PER MONTH, YOU CAN GIVE STAFF SUPPORT – making up the gap in state funding for one month for one artist.
  • WITH $100 PER MONTH, YOU CAN GIVE CAREER GROWTH – covering professional development opportunities for 60 artists for one year.

Donations of all sizes support the careers and professional development of 60+ talented artists.