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CHI Volunteer Spotlight: Alex Oeser

Alex Oeser moved to Chicago from Nashville, Tennessee to study fine art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).  After seeing a video about The Arts of Life in her art therapy class and finding our volunteer opportunities on the school’s website, she started volunteering in the studio this March.   Alex supports studio artists with daily cleaning tasks, using technology, and making art with varied media.  “I like seeing all the different art made here, the different mediums and different subjects of each artist’s work.” she said.  “I also just like meeting the people and getting to hang out with them.”  Though she has always used drawing and writing to express herself, Alex’s visual art career began in her high school art courses.  When others began to take interest in and buy Alex’s work, she decided to incorporate art into her career.  “My practice is painting, drawing, fiber art, ceramics, and sculpture,” she said.  “It is all kind of interdisciplinary.”  Alex hopes to become an art therapist that focuses on working with elderly patients.     Outside of the volunteering, Alex embarks on various creative endeavors both professionally and recreationally.  “I like to focus on my own art and crocheting and painting,” she said.  “I also really enjoy traveling and photography.  I’ve been doing a lot of photography collaborations recently.”  These photos and more can be found on her instagram by following @octalex.